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I've never played before. How can I get started?

Our beginner clinics offer a fantastic introduction to the game. They are geared toward teaching the fundamentals of pickleball, including scoring and all basic rules of the game. Some people may feel too shy for a clinic when they are just starting out, so a private or small group lesson might feel more appropriate. If you want a small group lesson, we highly recommend that you line up a group of either 3 or 4 players.

How do your private lessons work? Where are they held?

As the pickleball pros at Westleigh Recreation Club, located at 14900 Dufief Mill Road, North Potomac, MD, we try to do as much instructing as we can at their facility. This allows us to reserve courts in advance and, frankly, makes the most sense for us from a geography standpoint. Westleigh offers multiple dedicated, lighted Pickleball courts, which eliminates set-up time.

If desired, we will consider traveling to other locations for group instruction on a case-by-case basis depending on circumstances and availability. Please contact us to discuss details if you want to have a lesson in another area as this typically requires more coordination and we sometimes charge a higher rate.

What equipment do I need for your lessons or clinics?

We provide paddles, balls, and nets (as needed). Participants need to have appropriate athletic wear (proper court shoes are recommended).

When is your next beginner clinic? Do you have a schedule for upcoming clinics?

Unlike the City and County, which are graced with a large support staff, we schedule clinics on a more ad hoc basis depending on our availability and seasonal impacts. We try to hold at least one clinic each month, weather and schedules permitting, and often end up running multiple clinics per month. Please subscribe to our mailing address (you can find our email address at the bottom of our site), and you will receive notifications as new clinics are added. Our mailing list is the best way to get notified immediately, as some clinics fill up very quickly, often within hours of being announced. We also recommend joining the MoCoPickleball Facebook group for announcements about upcoming events. 

Do you offer intermediate clinics?

We have found intermediate level clinics to be less effective than beginner clinics due to the wider range of skill levels that come into play with the word "intermediate." This wider-range makes it tough to ensure that everyone gets sufficient value when the group of players is large. We have found that small group lessons (3 - 4 players) tend to provide more value to intermediate players; therefore, we recommend that anyone interested in intermediate instruction put together 3 - 4 players and schedule a lesson with us in that format.

How do your ladder leagues work? When are they and how do I sign up?

Our plan is to run ladder leagues in the Spring and Fall. The ladders are intended to emphasize fun and the social aspects of Pickleball in the context of some friendly competition. They are held at Westleigh Recreation Club and are announced on our website first (with Westleigh members getting the opportunity for early sign-up). The ladders are open to anyone 16 years and older of varying skill levels, and everyone will be seeded in groups appropriate to their skill level each week.


As the competition unfolds each week, the seeds will be adjusted accordingly, so the play is adaptive based on results.


All of the pertinent information about sign-up procedures will be provided on the flier which announces the ladder, though please note we are currently trying to automate the sign-up process to make things more efficient.

Can I join Westleigh Recreation Club? Do they have a Pickleball-only membership option?

Yes, and we absolutely encourage everyone to consider joining Westleigh, where the Pickleball community is ever-growing. An overview of the facility is available on Westleigh Recreation Club's Pickleball page and a breakdown of the membership tiers is available at the membership page. Please reach out to the club with any questions, and be sure to mention that the team at MoCo Pickleball sent you.

I'm just in town visiting. Where can I go to find groups to play with?

For outdoor play, both Bauer Drive Local Park and Mattie Stephanek Park in Rockville offer open play where players can rotate into games. The best time to catch active play is in the morning, or in the late afternoon / evenings until the lights go out.

For indoor play, all county and city recreation centers offer open play. We make efforts to maintain a list of these places here. If you find any information to be out of date, please us know!

Where can I play indoors?

The county and city recreation centers are open to the public for a fee. We make efforts to maintain a list of these locations; however, this is subject to change over time, as well as schedule variations at each individual location, so please call any facility ahead to confirm availability!

Where can I go if I want to buy a paddle, balls, or other equipment? has the largest selection for all your Pickleball needs. Discount code AREDaly will get you 5% off.

I've taken some beginner classes. Where can I find compatible players to play with?

The schedule of indoor play provided on our site includes details on the most suitable drop in play opportunities for beginners. We also recommend joining the MoCo Pickleball Facebook group where you can connect with other beginner players and arrange to meet up.

What forms of payment does MoCo Pickleball accept? 

We accept cash, checks, Venmo (@Emer-Daly) or Zelle (240.855.6565)

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